Good Conduct is a condition of playing in County Leagues and Competitions

Do read our rules, do read England Squash Code of Conduct

Be Warned ! - Players, team members not willing to follow our rules and the behaviour expected can be expelled from County Squash. 

below is extract from our "Get the Best" - on this website

The Best is:-

  • ·Playing competitive squash in friendly and fun atmosphere, where the league just happens with the minimum of fuss and effort for all involved
  • ·Where we all support the notion of “fair play” and enjoy fair competition
  • ·Where everyone is sociable & friendly
  • ·Where there is little or no complaints nor grumpiness


All communications should be to, please always make the e-mail subject “club/team/division/subject”

Crucial Advise – read the rules, County League Rules, ignorance is no excuse

Suggested Protocol for Playing Matches

Please contact your opponents a few days (5-7) in advance to confirm all is OK, any special food requirements, any request to not play in the standard order 5,4,3,2,1. Make sure you turn up on time.

Be sociable – all players should go to the post match food/drink. Obviously there can be exceptions but one of the best parts of match play is the banter and chat after the match.

Suggested Protocol for Playing Games

It is suggested that all clubs encourage the development of qualified referee’s – ideally team players. Having good referees encourages enjoyable fair squash. Referee Information

Anyone playing squash has a duty to know the rules. The rules have changed over the years, so go read them, talk to referees so you actually understand them. Rules of Squash 2019

Be a Gentleman/Lady while on court – you may query decisions once, but that’s all then you must play on. Do not argue, do not complain, do not show decent, do not abuse racket/ball and do not use foul language.

Spectators must not get involved or interfreere with a match, ie by commenting on decisions or arguing with the ref.

Players, team members, spectators not willing to follow our rules and the behaviour expected can be expelled from County Squash. Code of Conduct


As noted at the beginning we want people to enjoy playing competitive squash in a friendly atmosphere. Running of the league and the playing of games should be fuss free and fair to all. Its having rules that makes this happen – as long as people know them, play to them and behave with respect to others.

Please Please Please ensure you now the rules and our procedures – then your experience will be as stated above.

Best of wishes for the season, enjoy your squash – Steve Dale